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FIIO EX1 – Aerospace Earphones

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Aerospace nanotech titanium diaphragm In-Ear monitors

Aerospace engineering material for driver diaphragms.
The diaphragms is the heart of the sound production facility of earphones, determining the sound, sound engineers have always been looking for a lighter yet stiffer material to transduce sound with less distortion. We have discovered that titanium, a material more often found in aerospace engineering is very light, with high sound conduction speed, yet several times stiffer than steel; we have been able to design a full-range dynamic driver around this material with breakup frequency above the audible range, thus ensuring clear, even high frequency reproduction.

Highly researched duralumin / stainless steel housing
All component of the earphone housing are precision CNC milled, with the back made of anodized duralumin and the front stainless steel, the "beehive" of tuning ports on the front being precisely sized and positioned o deliver the desired sound tuning proprieties.

Nanotech titanium diaphragm driver
Delivering even power response across frequencies and a natural yet energetic sound, the titanium diaphragm can handle high power without distortion while preserving exemplary transient response, unlike traditional dynamic driver diaphragms.

Non-resonating metal body
Metal body is designed to suppress resonances to the maximum extent, preserving the superior transient response of the nanotech titanium diaphragms for lifelike reproduction of live sound

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