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FiiO L1 Line out for iPhone 30 pins


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FiiO L1 line out dock (LOD) cable for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad portable audio devices fitted with 30 pin dock socket. Connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad to headphone amps and audio amplifiers for the best possible sound quality from your Apple player.

Fitted with an Apple 30 pin dock connector at one end and a 3.5mm jack plug at the other, the FiiO L1 gets your Apple player connected quickly and easily.

Designed with high-quality materials, the FiiO L1 isolates your signal from interference to deliver cleaner, more accurate sound from iPod, iPhone and iPad.


Fiio L1 The Fiio L1 isthe L10's little brother a 10cm 30 pin output lead for your iPod iPad or iPhone to any 3.5mm Aux-In jack socket.
The signal from the 30 pin plug on your iPod iPad or iPhone is far superior to that which is output from the 3.5mm headphone jack this is why a Docking station will generally have a 30 pin plug as opposed to a 3.5mm jack connection to your Apple device .
Fiio know this and as such bring you the Fiio L1 to enable you to get the best sound from your iPod iPad or iPhone when using it with any device with a 3.5mm input jack be it a Fiio DAC or amplifier or even your car hi-fi or a speaker dock.

L1 specially designed for the user with iPod /iPhone using on the car mainly use to connect the iPod/iPhone with AUX IN connector in the car?
It is convenience to use with slim and soft L1 whose length is 10cm and play the audio file in the iPod/iPhone via the car audio.

Summary The Fiio L1 is the line-out cable you want for your iPod iPad or iPhone! Forget the cables with 2 3.5 mm Jack connections the output signal from your 30 pin plug on your Apple device is far superior! Features Provides maximum isolation from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference with shielded construction!

Delivers better audio clarity and a more natural-sounding midrange with purity balanced copper conductors! Creates precise contact and increased durability with a high quality connectors!

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