Philips PicoPix 4935


The ultimate Pocket Projector:

This excellent portable projector Android is the ultimate multimedia devices. Offering 350 Lumens, 720p HD resolution, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth audio, and more, the PicoPix is a companion of unmistakable power.

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Internal battery with a battery life of 2 hours
The PicoPix comes with a compact built-in battery for long battery life. You can get up to 2 hours of movies, photos and music on one charge. The PicoPix is ​​ideal on the move.

Project HD videos, images, and presentations up to 150 inches (381 cm)

SmartEngine with LED technology
The photos and videos you want to share deserve the best. That's why the PicoPix pocket projector projects them with vivid colors and stunning contrast thanks to its high-quality SmartEngine LED technology.

Wi-Fi to access the internet and share web content
Wi-Fi to access the Internet and share web content, to establish a wireless connection with other devices within a network or to create your own network

Built-in media player and HDMI / MHL interface
Built-in media player and HDMI / MHL interface for support of mobile devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets)

Different connectors
The PicoPix portable projector offers a variety of connectors for your devices. USB, HDMI, component, composite jacks, an SD / SDHC slot and a 3.5mm audio output are at your disposal for unlimited entertainment.