Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE Wheel


ThrustMaster Ferrari GTE 458 racing steering wheel extension PS3 + PS4 + PC
Detachable FERRARI 458 CHALLENGE replica racing wheel for the Thrustmaster T500RS *, the ultimate racing simulator for the pc and the PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4.

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Ferrari 458 CHALLENGE replica steering wheel with official license:
-Easy to install or on the T500RS on a Ferrari F1 Wheel Integral T500 basis
-Diameter of 28 cm
-Lining of reinforced rubber around the whole send
-Central spokes (2 mm thick) of brushed metal + metal coating
-Weighs more than 1.2 kg for very realistic controls and Force Feedback

Two large paddle shifter mounted on send
-Mounted on the steering wheel, turning with the steering wheel
-13 cm long
-Made of 2 mm thick brushed steel + metal coating
-High quality tact switch (life of more than 10 million activations)

Extensive race controls
-Two paddle shifter mounted on send (see previous point)
-Six easily accessible and clearly marked action buttons
-Manettino ® rotary knob with three positions and push button in the Middle
-Multiweg D-pad

Removable racing wheel with Thrustmaster Quick Release System
For quickly changing racing wheels such as:
-GT-send *
-Ferrari F1-send *
-Ferrari 458 Challenge-send