Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia


First send on this world with official licenses from Ferrari and Microsoft Xbox 360.
Replica of the wheel of the latest Ferrari 458 Italia, the star of Forza Motorsport 4.
28 cm XXL size (7/10th of the original) with rubber-like coating for optimum steering on the Xbox 360.
On send to operate sequential gearbox: 2 metal paddle shifter in Ferrari-GT-style.


Real Manettino rotary knob:
2-speed switch for it during the race change game settings (for example, the camera position in Forza Motorsport 4).
Automatically falls back into the neutral position.
8 easy accessible action buttons + a 8-way D-pad in the form of an Engine Start button.
Xbox Guide button with illuminated ring that indicates the number of the player.

- 270 ° steering angle.

Pedal assembly with pedals with a long stroke, plus realistic resistance and angle.

- Super stable and convenient clamping system in V shape that is easy on any table or any desktop can be confirmed.

- Xbox 360 usb 2.0 Full Speed 3 m cable with InLine Quick Release connector for a secure connection.
Compatible with XBOX 360 and PC.