Click & Grow Smart Garden 9


The Smart Garden 9 is the solution, currently available on the market, the simplest and prettiest for indoor gardening. Plug it in, add a little water and let this lovely kitchen companion take care of the rest. Intelligent, simple and independent. All you have to do is enjoy life to the fullest.

We use innovative technology, inspired by NASA, that helps plants grow a little faster, but 100% naturally. Our plants are not composed of GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones or any other suspicious substances.

They are all natural and pure. Each Smart Garden comes with 3 basil capsules, but refills are also available for baby basil, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, pepper, lemon balm, thyme and arugula. When you want to add new plants, simply replace your old capsules with new ones

Sun all year round

Smart Garden has built-in LED lighting. The light provided has a spectrum very close to the natural light, thus allowing your plants to benefit from an optimal sunshine, regardless of the seasons or the sunshine of your room. In addition, thanks to its built-in timer, the Smart Garden's lamp will respect the growth cycle of your plants (16 hours of light per day)

Automated watering

The Smart Herb Garden incorporates a reservoir of approximately 1 liter  and an automated watering system  by capillarity.
The advantages of this system are numerous: Plants absorb exactly what they need, in a totally silent environment.
The visual indicator will allow you to know the level of the tank at a glance, and the flashing lamp will indicate when to refill it.

Refill System

This mini-vegetable garden offers 9 slots to insert refills (provided), containing both the soil, seeds and nutrients necessary for any the life of the plant!
To do this, simply remove the lid of the refill, insert it into the Smart Garden and all you have to do is watch your plants grow.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 31,5 × 22,7 × 13 cm

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