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FiiO L11 Dock kit for iPhone 30 pins


The FiiO L11 is designed with a 3.5mm stereo line-out jack to Apple’s dock connector, enabling output of high quality line-level audio from iPod, iPhone, and iPad that can be sent to portable audio equipment such as headphone amplifiers and power amplifiers. Designed with high-quality materials, the L11 isolates the audio signal from interference to deliver cleaner and more accurate sound from your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

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In addition to the line-out jack, the L11 has a USB port for connecting a charger or to the computer. This allows the iPod/iPhone/iPad to be charged while the L11 is being used. The USB port also works for data transfers, offering additional flexibility.

Feature Highlights
- High quality durable connectors for precise contact and signal integrity
- Supports standard dock profile on iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Does not support Shuffle.
- Dimensions: 19mm x 27mm x 13mm. - Weight: 6g

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