Thrustmaster T80 RW FERRARI 488 GTB


Thrustmaster is proud to introduce its 8:10 scale replica of the genuine Ferrari 488 GTB wheel, officially licensed by Ferrari and PlayStation 4, and designed to provide total realism in all PlayStation 4 racing games that support wheels. Also compatible with PC (Windows 7/8/10), this new Thrustmaster wheel includes a large 2-pedal pedal set.

oKey sales points

  • Built-in “PS”, “SHARE” and “OPTIONS” buttons for easy navigation within the PS4 system and in-games menus.
  • Ergonomically-designed wheel, optimized for all types of racing games on the PlayStation 4 system (GT, F1, Stock car, Rally, Arcade, etc.).
  • Realistic linear wheel resistance with automatic re-centering (exclusive Thrustmaster “Bungee Cord” system).
  • Wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters: 2 up and down digital paddle shifters let you switch gears more quickly.
  • Large pedal set with adjustable angle of inclination and wide foot-rest for ultra-precise, comfortable acceleration and braking.
  • Central clamping system with wide jaws for optimal stability.


The T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition is an 8/10 scale replica of the wheel of the Ferrari 488 GTB (28 cm diameter), under official Ferrari and PlayStation 4 licenses. The steering wheel has the official buttons for PlayStation 4 (" PS "," SHARE "and" OPTIONS ") simplify navigation through the PlayStation interface menus and game menus on PS4. Compatible with all PlayStation 4 systems and games on PS4 designed for steering wheels, also compatible PC (Windows 7/8/10).


Optimized "Bungee Cord" system (patented by Thrustmaster): offers linear resistance, regardless of the angle of rotation, ensuring ergonomic and intuitive control. Return to automatic center and 240 degree rotation angle.


The T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition steering wheel combines a high level of user comfort and complete equipment. The 28 cm diameter wheel with a rubber-coated coating provides excellent grip surfaces - a feature that will surely seduce all players during long play sessions. Action buttons and a multidirectional cross, as well as two large sequential shift paddles. Its large pedalboard offers an adjustable tilt and a wide footrest, for acceleration and braking ultra precise and comfortable.

Weight 3,90 kg
Dimensions 37 × 31,5 × 31,5 cm

Box content

  • racing wheel, 2-pedal pedal set
  • attachment system
  • consumer warranty information and user manual