Thrustmaster T150 RS Force Feedback


For PlayStation ® 4 certified threaded software and PS4 ™/PS3 ™ slide switch

Official threaded software: the racing wheel is automatically detected by the PS4 ™ system

Compatible in system menus

PS4 ™/PS3 ™ slide switch for maximum compatibility on both systems

Also compatible with the PC
PC compatibility (Windows ® 10/8/7/Vista/XP) guaranteed by the Thrustmaster drivers, downloadable from the website It is thanks to these drivers and the upgrade firmware that the most recent firmware version is always available.

1080 ° Immersion TouchSense ® technology base with Force Feedback
Each (force) change is during a race drive with adjustable felt thanks to Force Feedback (steering movements, road surface changes, alternative-and remmanoeuvres, grip loss, collisions, etc.).

Adjustable rotation of 270 ° to 1080 °

Extremely precise steering wheel: optical readout with an accuracy up to 12 bit (4096 values on steering shaft)

Mixed system of belt, belt wheel and gears (this is not only smoother, but also smoother and quieter than at helical gears), with metal shaft and with ball bearings for a guaranteed strength

Upgradeable internal memory and firmware

Solid and universal movement system, compatible with all environments (kitchen leaf, table, etc.)

Compatible with the T3PA * and * T3PA-PRO pedal sets (Thrustmaster 3 Pedals add-on)

Compatible with the Thrustmaster TH8A * shifter

Reality send
Official buttons for built-in PlayStation ® 4 (PS/SHARE/OPTIONS)

Access to all social functions, switch between the game and the system, navigating through the system menus, etc.

A user-friendly design with a diameter of 28 cm, ideal for all racing games (GT, F1, NASCAR, Rally, etc.)

Send grip with rubber coating

Two large on the steering-wheel mounted sequential send switches

100% metal and 13 cm high send switches. A touch switch that as many as 10 million activations easily survives.

Extensive help resources

13 action buttons (2 of which are on the foot) + 1 D-pad

Large optimized pedal set
Pedals with wide footrest

Each pedal has an adjustable tilt angle

Brake pedal with ascending resistance