Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition


The ultimate racing simulator for the Xbox One:
The first Force Feedback Steering wheel for industrial consumer with a brushless motor
Has a removable steering wheel and a metal pedal set
Product where the TX Racing Wheel-ecosystem is all about


Force Feedback-foot with brushless industrial motor
Brushless motor of industrial grade
Very flexible Force Feedback without any falter
Fast responsive and realistic Force effects without any delay
New optimized frictionless mechanism with two straps
Smooth and supple. Very quiet operation.

Very accurate racing wheel
H.e. a. r. T Halleffect AccuRate Technology ™ *: non-contact magnetic sensor for accuracy that will never wear out. 16-bit accuracy (65536 values on axis of steering wheel)
Angle of rotation adjustable from 270 ° to 900 °
Internal memory and firmware are to upgrade
Xbox Guide button
Controller pairing LED for Kinect

Also compatible with the PC
The pc-compatibility is guaranteed thanks to the Thrustmaster drivers that are downloadable from the website With these drivers, you also ensure that you always have the latest firmware version for your device have available.

Pedal set in Ferrari-style
Metal pedals with a long stroke
Brake pedal with progressive resistance

Replica on scale 7:10 of the Ferrari 458 Italia-send
Realistic: 28 cm in diameter with grip rubber coating
Two large sequential paddle shifter on the steering-wheel mounted
10 cm high and mounted on steering
100% metal
High-quality tact switch (life of more than 10 million activations)
Advanced operation
10 action buttons (one on the foot) which reflect the control buttons on the real send
Replica Manettino ® rotary knob with two modes and replica ENGINE START D-pad
This racing wheel is removable thanks to the Thrustmaster Quick Release system that allows instant switching between racing wheels

Compatible with other detachable Ferrari-steer that are already on the market (Ferrari F1 Wheel add-on **, Ferrari GTE Wheel add-on **, etc.)
Compatible with the T3PA **-pedal set (Thrustmaster 3 Pedals add-on)
Compatible with the TH8A Shifter ** (Thrustmaster TH8 add-on) that offers a handbak with 8-speed or a sequential gearbox

Solid and versatile fastening systems
Central metal clamp system compatible with all types of table and workplace sheets
Built-in screw threads for easy attachment to any cockpit

* Patent pending
** Sold separately