Thrustmaster T-GT EU VERSION


  • T-GT racing wheel is Thrustmaster’s ultimate racing simulator for Gran Turismo Sport, and officially licensed for PS4.
  • The T-GT racing wheel is a powerhouse of highly innovative technologies resulting from in-depth research into all of the sensations required for an ultra-realistic racing experience.
  • The T-DFB innovation is exclusive to the T-GT wheel and Gran Turismo Sport (when in GT mode), and offers a new dimension in force feedback. As a complement, this unique system adds a new range of effects including tire adherence (grip or slippage) in understeering and oversteering, mass transfers, road textures and irregularities, suspension and other parameters specific to each vehicle and circuit. All this can be felt by the driver!
  • Designed and built to endure for competitions, the T-GT offers highly demanding gamers a new experience.
  • T-GT is also compatible with PC.

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Push your skills to the limit and get ready for the competitions.

Thrustmaster presents T-GT, the ultimate Thrustmaster racing simulator for Gran Turismo Sport and for future Gran Turismo games : pro-level drivers will benefit from unique new technologies to experience all car behaviours and anticipate all track conditions.

Push your skills to the limit and get ready for the competitions.

T-DFB techno: Exclusive for GT Sport
Combining brushless motors’ refined Force Feedback with this Depth Feedback creates a realistic 3D perception of the environment. And adding suspension and vibration effects via the steering column gives more information.

Thrustmaster T-GT Servo base
T-DFB  Depth and linear Feedback system (40W)
+ industrial-class brushless motor! (50% more dynamics, 4 times greater stall force

Detachable  Leather Wrapped Wheel
4 rotary selectors, 12 positions
+ 2 mini-sticks
+ 2 metal paddle shifters

T3PGT: 3 metal pedals included
Metal pedals, metal pedal arms and inner structure
Adjustable accelerator and clutch pedals (in height and spacing).

Weight 13,300 kg
Dimensions 31 × 52,5 × 38 cm