Especially for the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, the most famous brand in motorsport, Thrustmaster proudly presents the TS-PC 488 Challenge Edition Ferrari RACER racing wheel. The combination of the TS-PC RACER send foot, in which the powerful and advanced technology of Thrustmaster is processed, and a replica of the real wheel of the Ferrari Challenge 488 (with official license from Ferrari) guarantees an incredible realistic racing experience.

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This 32 cm large replica on scale 9:10 of the 488 Ferrari Challenge wheel is specially designed for a total immersion in the world of racing with Ferrari's. The wheel is made of polyurethane and Alcantara, a material that is used to send her, also by Ferrari has 15 built-in LEDs * and 2 turn switches for ease of use and sheer efficiency while racing. The TS-PC RACER Ferrari Thrustmaster race 488 Challenge Edition is compatible with the ecosystem on the PC (Windows 10/8/7) and offers a number of advanced techniques of Thrustmaster Turbo Power such as the external power supply, the Motor Cooling Embedded system and a highly responsive 40 watt motor that for extensive Force Feedback.

-The TS-PC 488 Challenge RACER Ferrari Edition send has an official license for Windows by Ferrari and is a replica on 9:10 scale of the original wheel of the Ferrari Challenge 488. The wheel has a diameter of 32 cm. - The wheel uses Force Feedback through a powerful 40 watt brushless motor with the Motor Cooling Embedded cooling system (patent pending). This technology guarantees constant optimum performance even with extended use during long virtual races. - With the 15 built-in LEDs * for the tachometer and the 2 turn switches with pressure function is the steering wheel specifically designed for racing. For an authentic feel is the wheel coated with the same hand-stitched Alcantara material imported from Italy and which can be found on the real Ferrari-steer. - The Turbo Power external power supply has a toroidal-design without cooling fins. This technique provides an optimized nutritional efficiency of 86% (65% in comparison with the efficiency of a standard design with fins). Packed with technology The TS-PC Racer is ThrustMaster's ultimate racing simulator for racers on the PC. It gives the reactions of the car and the conditions of the track accurate and unfiltered to the driver. The TS-PC Racer is a powerhouse packed with technology and made it to the game to improve performance and a racing experience so realistic is that the user is in a completely different world.
Realistically designed steering wheel, specifically for car racing
The wheel is a 32 cm large replica on scale 9:10 of the wheel of the 488 real Ferrari Challenge. The wheel is coated with the same hand-stitched Alcantara material imported from Italy that used on the real Ferrari-steer. It has an official license of Ferrari and features 25 programmable functions:
-The Middle plate and the 2 paddle shifter are made of black anodized brushed metal.
-15 built-in LEDs * for tachometer (RPM)
-2 richtingpads (D-pads) with pressure function
-2 turn switches with pressure function, and 8 action buttons

Brushless servo motor technique (40 watts)
To a high level of performance, accuracy and comfort to our target audience of demanding PC racers Thrustmaster has developed the TS-PC-servovoet. The high quality brushless motor of the 2nd generation offers 50% more dynamics and 4 x higher resistance than the charging systems of the previous generation. 160% of torque is the torque that is provided by the feet of the TX and the T300 RS.

Dynamic torque
Highly responsive 40 watt motor which is extremely dynamic and powerful effects with improved feedback. The engine of the TS-PC Racer delivers 40 watt brushless Force Feedback and an incredibly dynamic torque in any situation: by extremely long by Turners (STALL mode) to high-speed chicanes (DYNAMIC mode).

Motor Cooling Embedded system
This system keeps the momentum of the new engine stuck by overheating and sound production. Offers 50% more dynamics and 4 x higher resistance than the charging systems of the TX and the T300 RS, and performs the heat by single-phase cooling.

H.e. A. R. T (Halleffect AccuRate Technology) + F.O.C.
Field Oriented Control algorithm: h.e. a. r. T (Halleffect AccuRate Technology) offers 16-bit resolution (65.536 values) and the new F.O.C. algorithm optimizes dynamic the answer to the demand for very high torque. The engine responds quickly and dynamic on the demand for more or less torque during power swings.

Turbo Power external power supply
The external Turbo Power power supply provides a constant power and a high peak power for an instant response to high-speed applications from the game. Toroidal-design without cooling fins for optimal efficiency of 86% compared to the temperature. Peak power: 400 Watts.

Fully compatible with the Thrustmaster-ecosystem
Compatible to PC with Thrustmaster add-on racing wheels * (Ferrari F1 Wheel add-on, Ferrari GTE Wheel add-on, 599XX EVO 30 Wheel add-on Alcantara Edition, TM Leather 28 GT Wheel add-on, TM Rally Wheel add-on Sparco 383 Mod) and with the Thrustmaster race-ecosystem: the ThrustMaster T3PA * and T3PA-*-PRO pedal sets with 3 pedals, and the TH8A-shifter *.
* Sold separately