Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition


Product constructed with recognized license from Ferrari ®. Ferrari ®, it has to be the heart of any racing fanatic right away gear up do!

-Ferrari ®, it must be the most imaginative car brand for every gamer. It is the equivalent of racing, winning and prices: words that every gamer can appreciate.
-Trust master ® and Ferrari ® share many values: passion, performance, innovation and quality
-The steering wheel comes in a red rubber coating and according to the well-known style of Ferrari ®

-Built-in and truthful sequential send switches in Ferrari ®-style


Large perfected pedal set

-Two pedals with wide feet support
-Adjustable angle on every pedal
-Brake pedal with ascending resistance

Linear resistance

-Automatically returns to middle class
-Exclusive ' bungee cord'-system of Thrustmaster ® for truthful send resistance

Send is fully compatible with all racing games available on both PS3 and PC *

-GT, F1, NASCAR, Rally, GRID 2, etc.

Fully programmable functions

-Fully programmable: 2 sequential send switches + 11 + action buttons D-Pad
-Large programmable pedal set with ascending resistance. Including wide footrest for comfortable and optimal balanced throttle/brake.
-Adjust sensibility to send accurate

Central clamping system with wide JAWS for optimal grip on all kinds of tabletops and desks.